Friday, September 14, 2012

Joining the reality-based community

Back to politics per se for a bit.

Back in the Bush days, a Bush functionary famously denigrated liberals as the "reality-based community" ([wikipedia], and it turns out this was later attributed to none other than Karl Rove).  His meaning was that he perceived Democrats as looking around, discovering the facts, and adjusting their actions accordingly, while the (to him heroic) Republicans instead defined their own reality and took actions in accordance with that reality, thereby making that reality ... reality.

In retrospect - and this is referenced in the article I'm linking here - this didn't work out well, which is why it's generally considered saner to, you know, stay within reality to start with.  Forging reality de novo turned out simply to result in a lot of organizational incompetence.

This article on HuffPo is one man's journey from Chicagoland Lugar-like Republicanism to the realization that the GOP has gone off the deep end.  It's worth reading and re-reading.

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