Monday, December 15, 2014

Christian pseudoscience

The science curricula for fundamentalists - which are accepted for college entrance by some schools - are truly mindboggling. Not just evolution denial, either.

Here's an example, lifted straight from the article:
Scientists have known for years that snowflakes are shaped in six-sided, or hexagonal, patterns. But why is this? Some scientists have theorised that the electrons within a water molecule follow three orbital paths that are positioned at 60° angles to one another. Since a circle contains 360°, this electronic relationship causes the water molecule to have six ‘spokes’ radiating from a hub (the nucleus). When water vapour freezes in the air, many water molecules link up to form the distinctive six-sided snowflakes and the hexagonal pattern is quite evident. 
Snowflakes also contain small air pockets between their spokes. These air pockets have a higher oxygen content than does normal air. Magnetism has a stronger attraction for oxygen than for other gases. Consequently, some scientists have concluded that a relationship exists between a snowflake’s attraction to oxygen and magnetism’s attraction to oxygen. 
Job 38:22, 23 states, ‘Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail, which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war?’ Considering this scripture, some scientists believe that a tremendous power resides untapped within the water molecules from which snowflakes and hailstones are made. 
How can this scripture, along with these observations about snowflakes, show us a physical truth? Scientists at Virginia Tech have produced electricity more efficiently from permanent magnets, which have their lines of force related to each other at sixty-degree angles, than from previous methods of extracting electricity from magnetism. Other research along this line may reveal a way to tap electric current directly from snow, eliminating the need for costly, heavy, and complex equipment now needed to generate electricity.

They take for granted that the Bible (the literal word of God) is literally true, and come up with truly wild-ass statements about the physical world that sound like they're taken straight from The Name of the Rose. Trouble being that it's not 1345 out there any more, and we actually do have science now, and this ain't it.

Pretty fascinating, though. Not least because the state of education in the Western world is so poor overall - still! - that most people can't tell the difference between this stuff and reality.

Note also the spelling of "vapour". This is from the UK, not America. That's scarier than anything else I've seen. Europeans are supposed to have an educational system...

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